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“On your first meeting with Jane, you are instantly made to feel very relaxed, welcome and at home. Her knowledge of nutritional health is spectacular.  Her advice, suggestions and remedies place emphasis on looking at the cause, which is such a refreshingly nice change in today's very backward thinking 'quick fix' culture of addressing the symptoms.”

Mark B, Portwrinkle


“The assessment and advice tailored to my individual needs were extrememly useful, the benefits are life-changing.  My health and wellbeing has improved and my energy levels have increased. I have recommended Jane to friends and family and would have no hesitation in doing so again.”

Mrs H, Woolavington


“I had been off work for 6 months and extremely unwell.  Jane's practical, easy to follow and well-explained advice on diet and supplementary minerals / vitamins contributed significantly to a marked improvement in my condition; this also worked well alongside GP-prescribed medication and acupuncture. 


In fact, I will follow most of Jane's advice for the rest of my life. In addition to this, Jane's enthusiasm for nutritional therapy, combined with her warm manner and understanding nature, make her an ideal therapist to work with.”

JB, Taunton Deane


“After suffering for several years I am now almost symptom free thanks to a nutrition plan prescribed by Jane a nutritional therapist. Within two weeks of following her plan I was noticeably less tired and after a few more weeks virtually pain free, no longer needing to take any pain relief medication.  I am amazed that just by eliminating certain foods like wheat and eating the foods that are right for me, the quality of my life has changed so much for the better, giving me more energy and relieving so many symptoms.”

Merril T, Fivehead


“Jane is a highly valued colleague of mine at York House. I trust that when I refer clients to her that they will receive the most professional care, advice and attention. Jane has such a depth of knowledge and understanding about a vast range of conditions and issues which can be helped by nutritional therapy. She is warm and easy to talk to, providing a confidential and friendly atmosphere in which to discuss any problems. She has a profound awareness of mind:body medicine and uses nutrition to help restore balance and health.”

Karen Atkinson, York House,

Centre for Integrated Healthcare and Complementary Medicine, Taunton


“I am writing to say how much I have appreciated all of your good advice on both diet and food supplements.  It was abundantly clear, straight away, that you knew what you were talking about and this made it easy to listen and do what was suggested.  Following your dietary advice was very important and I can report that there is definite improvement; I am convinced that a more sensible diet (and there was nothing too onerous about this) together with the right supplements were both deciding factors in this improvement.”

John Baker, Taunton


“Seeing Jane has had a lasting effect on my eating habits, and particularly helped with broadening my diet and ensuring good energy levels all through the day.  It's lovely to have confidence in being well set up for a hard-working day, trusting my food choices, and enjoying generally better health than previously.”

Anne, Taunton

“Jane is warm, engaging and passionate about nutritional therapy.  I was very comfortable with her and pleased with the advice she gave me after an impressively detailed consultation.”

Ailia, Cornwall